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2020 Open Blockchain Week de Ready Layer One

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Help prepare the foundation for our future

The world is changing. We must ready ourselves.


We must act as one

Mission and Purpose > Logos and Division. It’s time we come together for a common purpose.


This isn’t a conference for passive bystanders

Bring yourself, bring your knowledge, and bring a thirst for the unknown. This is co-creation and collaboration – everyone has something to contribute.


Do you want to help build a better future?

Limited participation is available; developers and builders of the decentralized web will gain priority access.


What is this?

This is an interactive, immersive virtual event which contains talks, workshops and rants by everyone from well-known speakers to community-sourced contributors. Think of it as the intersection between a hackathon, a conference, a masterclass seminar and a vaguely anarchist festival for developers and builders of a decentralized web. The content will help you learn how to build decentralized applications using the next generation of layer 1 protocols by giving you the chance to get your hands dirty with specific examples and real code in a live format.

How is this different than a normal online conference?

There will be no passive bystanders, there will be no lurking. In this event, everyone is expected and encouraged to create, contribute, discuss and learn. Talks and workshops are targeted towards builders and grounded in participation. There will be unannounced sessions and easter egg experiences occurring during the event as well.

How can I speak?

Submit your content and then community will vote on what they want to see. We will pick the content with the most votes. Additionally, even if you are not selected, you are still encouraged to host a modified version of your content during open Session times in the event!

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mayo 4 @ 4:30 pm
mayo 6 @ 11:30 pm
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