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Open Web Community Summit & Hackathon

  • Este evento ha pasado.

Open Web Community Summit & Hackathon se centrará en NFTs, DAOs, and Social Tokens.

Algunos de los ponentes serán:

  • Louis Giraux, Head of Community at SuperRare 
  • Kevin Abosch, Conceptual Artist who created the 1111 Series 
  • Sam Williams, Founder of Arweave 
  • Alexa Meade, An Artist Who Paints On People; TED Speaker 
  • Beatriz Ramos, Founder of 
  • Linda Xie, Co-Founder of Scalar Capital 
  • Mr. Misang, Crypto-Artist 
  • Jake Brukhman, Founder of Coinfund 
  • ¡Y más!

Open Web Community Summit

Join us Friday, May 14 for a protocol-agnostic event featuring technologies and trends at the intersection of the Creator Economy and Community platforms / services.

NFTs, Social Tokens, and DAOs are much better together! That’s why our team partnered with Dystopia Labs and friends to bring leaders together in a virtual space to discuss ideas and learn from each other ?

Open Web Community Hackathon

Thanks to support from the Gitcoin community, SeedClubMetagovDystopia Labs, and Createbase, we are coordinating to provide a unique opportunity for all contributors in the open web multiverse…

NEAR helps solve real problems for creators and communities—some of the most legit builders of tokenization and governance platforms have chosen NEAR as their new preferred homebase. Our unparalleled technology and ecosystem are emerging as a vibrant source of beauty, magic, and love.

Open Web Governance Challenge

NEAR and Metagov are hosting a governance challenge with events, workshops, and a prize pool to support new experiments in community decision-making, online collaboration, fund distribution, and decentralized governance. Organized as an independent track of the Open Web hackathon, the challenge will also be run entirely through DAOs—that means the vast majority of prizes will be awarded through a DAO on NEAR to a DAO that you create.



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